15th December 2012

The sacred Hours


This is my favourite time. When an album has been completed, and I have it all to myself. Nobody else knows about it. Nobody can touch it. It is all mine ... and It is safe. Safe from the world.
Perhaps it's a silly thing for an artist to
want others to hear what took so long and so much effort to create. But that is how I feel. At least for the moment.
An album is always like a
. The burial of a friend.
A tombstone.
A last farewell

These hours are even more precious to me, because I know from experience that the feeling of "fondness" I have for my ghostchild won't last. It never does. It can't. This is inevitable, as it is part of my condition.  :/
This is also the time when I listen to my older albums. At least to the ones that are leading directly up to this. For "comparison", if you wish.

I walked through the entire
»Triptychon of Ghosts«
, and it felt very strange. Confusing even. Loud. Like it was the work of a different person. Which it is. To a certain degree at least. It is not mine anymore. It has served its purpose, and it is gone. It is no longer part of me. I mean, yes, it
... but at the same time it
. It doesn't hurt anymore. It's like a distant memory.
I remember when I had just finished »
Songs from the inverted Womb
«, and I found it nearly
to listen to
"There was a Country by the Sea"
. It was so very painful to walk through this place, to witness the scene. To re-live it. But if I listened to it now, it would be like watching an old film.
I once read somewhere that to some people there seems to be an "old" and a "new" SOPOR. I know what they mean by that ... of course ... and also
they would feel this way.
If one really wanted to make such a differentiation, then the new album is most definitely an old album. That is probably the best way to describe it. There is no irony in it. No sarcasm. Not even in the music(k).
It is just very ...
... but also very,
It makes me glad to know that I
did him justice.
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