18th December 2010

So ... a few days ago ... @ about 6:10 am:

Our beloved Goddess
AVC was sitting in the breakfast-room of the hotel, sipping her mo(u)rning-tea. The tiny radio right next to the kitchendoor was playing the usual eclectic diversity of crap & brain-death, when, out of a sudden, the sweet notes of a familiar song reached her ears. -- Yes, it was CULTURE CLUB's "Karma Chameleon", and, admittedly, it did put a big smile on my pale face. Not so much because of the actual music, but for the ... well ... let's call it: irony of the situation.
For a split second I was even considering a pretended refill of my mug, only to grab the fabulous opportunity to
gracefully parade up and down the room to BOY GEORGE singing "Loving would be easy, if your colours were like my dream" ... - but then I thought:  'Nah, why bother. It's not that any of these blokes here will get the message  ... - or the sad joke for that matter'.

Apart from that, none of them looked good enough to even remotely arouse my ... umm ...
So, for those of you beautiful children, who had to suffer through the horrible 80's as well, here's a gentle kiss from the past:
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beloved Goddess?!
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