15th May 2013
I doubt that I will create a musicvideo for any of the pieces of the upcoming album (which, by the way, is NOT entitled "September 2013" either). Sorry about that. My loyal companion has been paying a visit on a regular basis lately, which makes it hard, if not impossible, to do anything at all. But more importantly, I don't think that I would be able to do them justice.
There is a certain ... "silliness" (for lack of a better word) ... a clownishness even, which is inherent in all SOPOR videos. This is just how things are. It cannot be changed. And why should it?! It comes with the territory.
However, as well as this has worked for everything since
»Les Fleurs du Mal«
, it would be deeply inappropriate for the new album. The content simply doesn't allow it, because ... well ... there is absolutely no irony in it. Anywhere. (I think I mentioned this before). It is far too sad for that, and yet ... maybe because of this ... also very beautiful.
»Dead Lovers' Sarabande«
»Songs from the inverted Womb«
as a starting point, but then descend further down into the vault, and that's where you may find the door to the new album.
Maybe that's how SOPOR should have always sounded. (There. I've said it, and I didn't even mean to).
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