8th December 2012
I really wasn't in the mood for designing the
for yet
family member today  (which is supposed to appear in the local newspaper in a few days, the term 'deadline' seeming ridiculously appropriate), so I decided to go for a
walk instead ... and
compare my virginal purity to that of the freshly fallen snow
(I came out victorious by a few hare droppings, I case anyone wonders.)
I like walking through the snowy fields at night. All human sounds are muffled, and even on a moon- and starless night (probably thanks to the light-spill from the distant streetlights) it is still bright enough that you can almost read a book. Well,
I was in a strange mood when I went out. I still am to a certain degree. Not depressed (which is rather nice for a change), just ...
... (though
is perhaps more like it).
Since my fabulously fluffy
Princess Leia ear-muffs
went the path of all earthly things earlier this year already (on my
, no less, which, though annoying, was actually rather interesting!), I wrapped myself in scarves and shawls, plugged in my earphones and trampled off into the night ... trying my best not to slip and fall flat on my derrière, because some lazy people apparently couldn't be bothered to salt (or otherwise clear) the pavement in front of their houses.
Because of all that whiteness, I didn't really need my
blinking reflectors
(which I tend to strap around my ankles these days, after a bunch of drunken assholes, too pissed and/or stupid to turn on their damn headlights, almost ran me over with their bikes about three years ago), but their semi-chaotic signaling reflected in the snow (one row of LEDs blinks a lot faster than the other) has something strangely comforting. Plus, it always goes nicely with the music.
For me ...
there is a certain kind of music that is strictly reserved for walking
(if only because it really gets on my nerves, if I listen to it at home) ... - and that's "ElectroPop" (for lack of a better term). Tonight I took
with me.
I first encountered him (or rather his music) in ... oh, me and time ... well, let's just say it was a few years back. I was in the studio (Nachtschicht) recording an album, and found it lying around, as I was about to pack my things and return home for the weekend. Apparently, an ex-bandmate of Austria's "
Porno Thomas
" (fans of "imperial" poser-music probably know who I am talking about) had brought it along and left it there as some sort of reference material, and since Toby didn't mind (knowing that I am trustworthy and always extremely careful with whatever I borrow), I wrapped the CD in velvet (yes, I'm goth, deal with it) and put it in my bag.
The CD in question was "
" ... and ... I didn't like it much. Some tracks, I thought, were OK, but as a whole there was too much going on of what I used to refer to as
(until I learned that the correct term would have been »FuturePop«). I found the lyrics to be
the average genre stuff though, which, I guess, made me make some kind of vague mental note. The other thing that really irritated me about it was the fact that there was no picture of the "band" anywhere in the booklet, because I can always tell whether or not somebody's lyrics are
(as in honest), simply by looking at a photo.
Not long after this I came upon an interview with
in some magazine (most likely because
was featured in it as well), in which he mentioned that the song "Disappoint" was actually about his father's suicide. That didn't make the album any better for me (back then), but the self-therapeutic element of his music was something that I could absolutely respect!  (For obvious reasons).
After that I didn't really bother about his music until "
" came out, which happens to be the album I was listening to tonight. Even though there is a bit of
going on here and there...
(For the record: bad Depeche Mode is basically EVERYTHING after "BLACK CELEBRATION", with the possible exception of the harmonium version of "Enjoy the Silence".  -- Don't even think about arguing with me. I'm old enough to be your mother!) is still a very good pop-album. And the overall vibe is entirely different too. I wonder, if he got married around the time he was writing the material. If so, that would explain a thing or two, like ... well ... the
he has gained. Oh, hey, don't get me wrong.
It really suits him quite well! In fact, ever since I did »Les Fleurs du Mal«, I have this growing fascination with bellies! No kidding. It's such a turn-on. So,
... AND his cute little goatee... ;)
(*quick chocolate break for compensation*)

I still can't listen to "
" at all, because, despite its title, it feels kind of directionless to me. A bit like a collection of B-sides, if you wish.
The latest one, "
", is much better. Again, a good pop-album. Depeche Mode is still lurking behind every damn corner, but hey, it's OK to have heroes. (*bitch alert*).
I first stumbled over this album after he had uploaded previews of it to ... oh, I can't remember where. Anyway, I clicked on "THE LAST MISTAKE", skipped to what I believed to be the chorus, but when I heard him singing "
we'll be a family again
", I just thought »
« and immediately hit the stop button! (The lyrics actually have a twist, but I only learned that later). ;)
I know, it's a bit of a bitchy thing to say, but ... honestly ... my initial thought was, now that he's a happily married man and all, he's got nothing of substance to sing about anymore. (Sorry. Did I mention I'm goth?)   ;)
After the album was released, I downloaded it (illegally). I listened to it when I was in the studio (for recording a new
album), which, these days, seems to be the only time I can do this. Probably because I am so vibrating with my own material then that other people's music cannot influence me (or get on my nerves for that matter). Well, be that as it may, I listened to "
" once while taking a walk, and for a second time in my hotelroom, where I decided that I liked it enough to actually keep it ... - meaning: I would have to BUY it, eventually.
Which I did. (Of course!)
In fact, I purchased it directly from his own online store. I didn't tell him who I was, though, because ... a) that would be an embarrassingly silly thing to do ... and
b) I was curious, if he was going to sign it, if I asked for it ... - which he
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
OK, that was a longer entry. Interesting, I didn't intend to write that much. Well, I guess, I might just as well do that obituary now...  :/
So, maybe his
taste in music is clearly on the
side of the spectrum (*second bitch alert*), but
he clearly deserves
BONUS POINTS for "fan"-service!
(Unfortunately, we have to deduct 5 points for lack of originality.)
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