1st November 2012
I found this
box of white compact powder
tonight, which once belonged to mother. She had never actually used it, but every once in a while she liked to open the lid and smell the fragrance of it.

I think ... I am going to use this for a while now...

Thinking of mother, I decided to gently roast some "Paniermehl" (
doesn't really translate into English, because "bread crumbs" are a different thing ... in Germany, anyway
), which I had made about three years ago from some of her leftover breakfast rolls. This would have gone nicely with the Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes that one of her old schoolfriends had brought over today (
I believe, she promised mother to look after me, so that I do get to eat at least semi-regularly
... -
bless her!
). But when I opened the box, I discovered that some sort of webby mould had gotten to it first. Also kind of *typical* for the occasion, because exactly the same thing used to happen to mother a few times. Must be something about that particular box.
Luckily, the content of a second container was still intact.
it's almost
, and
I need to go for a walk
now (before the sun comes up)...
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