17th May 2011
Damn, this fabulous new telephoto-lens I bought for my camera is slowly but surely turning me into a creepy VOYEUR.
Of course, I could always try to convince myself that I only wanted to see if this thing really works properly, but ... seriously ... who am I kidding? I think I can definitely sense a dark and unfulfilled desire trying to crawl its way towards the surface  ...  
Anyway, a few days ago I spotted our
new postman on the other side of the street, who, by the way, looks kind of erotic (in that sweaty, abusive, alcoholic, white-trash-ghetto sort of way). Naturally, it was he, who delivered my lens the day before ... *insert evil grin here* ... so, clearly, that just had to be counted as a cosmic hint in favour of my newly discovered perversion.
So, through the closed drapes of my bedroom-window (Gods, how very German of me) I watched him carrying his heavy package ... ringing door-bells ... wiping the sweat off his forehead ... and then climbing ever so gracefully back into his big, yellow car ...
... and that's all I am going to say.
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